Sign Language Cell

Sign Language

Sign language is a language of deaf which includes sign, body language, expression, hand shapes and finger spellings. It helps hearing impaired to express their feelings, ideas and thoughts to lead their life in the society.

Sign Language develops awareness, sensitivity and it is a medium of understanding between people who are hearing and those who are hearing impaired.  It is a language of the hearing impaired and provides full access to communicate.


1. Educate the students about basic vocabulary and grammar skills through sign language regularly.

2. Enable students to interact both hearing and hearing impaired.

3. Enable students to make use of basic strategies for personality development, communication and maintain the relationships.

4. Encourages students for socialization in the society.

5. Enable the students to understand about Deaf Culture.


Activities & Support:

1. Train the staff and students regularly.

2. Sign language interpretation is done for guest lecture, workshop and various activities conducted in the institution.

3. Sign Language training has been provided to the government officials of Zilla Panchyath on 14th – 28th February 2019.

4. Sign Language videos created on Election Awareness of “Lok Shabha Election 2019” for hearing impaired.

5. Sign Language video was created on Election Awareness of “Karnataka Legislative Assembly 2018” for hearing impaired.