Apparel Design and Fabrication Technology


  Empower the Differently Abled to become successful creative, innovative and professionally skilled Apparel designers.


  • To train the students to have  fruitful career in fashion industry
  • To equip students with basic knowledge of fashion industry which would in turn help them pursue higher education
  • To train  students with ample knowledge to set up new start ups or self helps groups.
  • To encourage entrepreneurial skills and technical knowledge for national and international fashion centers and apparel industry.



 ADFT (Apparel Design and Fabrication Technology) was started from Academic Year 2022-23. Diploma in apparel designing and fabrication technology was started as an programme Specially for orthopedically and hearing impaired disability students with the in take of 30 students to provide a creative avenue for the modern world.

 This programme is geared to provide professional training in Apparel Designing and related technical subjects to students from diverse backgrounds. This program attempts to inculcate visual and aesthetic sensitivity by understanding values that embody fashion. Emphasis is placed on professionalism, specialization, and expertise and design excellence to create Fashion Professionals. Various elements and principles of Design, along with the intensive knowledge of Textiles, Merchandising, Manufacturing etc contributes to this extensive field. This programme is to cope up to the  rapidly changing and an extremely dynamic arena to help develop ones personality.

At Present the Programme has been changed from outcome-based education system to choice based system to  achieve the goal-oriented learning.


Program Outcomes ( POs)

  1. Basic and Discipline Specific Knowledge: Apply the knowledge of basic designing, Construction and pattern making for apparel fashion industry.
  2. Problem Analysis: Identify target consumers, study economic condition, standard of living, design the garment as per their need and analyze well defined Apparel Design problems
  3. Design/Developmentofsolution:Useacquiredknowledgeandmethodologiesin apparel designing and fabrication to create mass and high fashion garments. specify and design the styles for advanced garments.
  4. Engineering Tools, Experimentation and Testing: Apply modern machinery tools and appropriate technology technique to conduct standard tests and measurements.
  5. Engineering Practice for Society, Sustainability and Environment: Apply appropriate Technology in the contest of society, Sustainability, environment and Ethical practice.
  6. Project Management: analyze modern management system and communicate various apparel construction techniques to complete the project.
  7. Life-Long Learning: Ability to analyze needs and engage in updating in the context of technological changes and also enhancing the knowledge and skills. Recognize the professional and personal responsibility of Designers to the community.

Program Specific Outcomes of the Programme

  1. Understand the nature and basic concepts of designing and apparel contraction for industry and business.
  2. Perform procedures as per laboratory standards in the area of boutique and clothing industry

Program Educational Objectives

  1. Lead a successful career as an employee or entrepreneur in the field of Apparel Design and Fabrication Technology.
  2. Exhibit creative manual and CAD designs to present his or her ideas and thought sufficiently.
  3. Able to work effective as an individual in multi discipline and society at large.
  4. Adopt the latest changes and development in the field of Apparel Design and Fabrication Technology.

The Department offers state of art facilities with excellent infrastructure which comprises of well Equipped Smart Class rooms, Studios, Laboratories, Wi-Fi facility etc,. all accessible for differently abled. The Department is strengthened by well qualified and dedicated faculty whose main aim is to make students aware of the cutting edge technology with competence, commitment & team work. The teaching is reinforced with sign language/total communication and visual media presentations in the classrooms/labs. The department has Fashion studio , Sewing lab and latest computers for the CAD laboratory necessary for training the students.

Additional facilities for the Differently Abled
• The department has wheelchair accessible building with corridors and supporting railings.
• The classrooms, Studios, laboratories and toilets(with Grab Bars) are all wheelchair accessible.
• The faculty and the supporting staff are all well versed in communicating with hearing impaired students.
• Sign language interpreter services are provided for guest lectures and other seminars.
• Psychology counseling is provided for the students who are in need.
• The needy orthopedically disabled students are provided with assistance in the laboratories to conduct experiments.
• Printed notes for reference , Additional 20 minutes per hour and Scribe facilities are provided during the examinations.
Laboratories used to train the students. 
1.Pattern and Garment Construction
2. CAD
3. Yarn Craft
4. Surface Embellishment
5. Yarn Science
6. Dyeing and Printing
7.Pattern and Designing CAD


Technical Staff :

Sl. No.




Exp in  Yrs

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Rachana H N





Designation: HOD/ LECTURER
Educational Qualification MSC in Fashion Designing
Area of Specialization: Technical Textiles

Designation: Lecturer
Educational Qualification BSC in Fashion Designing
Area of Specialization: Fashion Apparel Designing

Designation: Part-time Lecturer
Educational Qualification MSC in Apparel technology and management
Area of Specialization: Technical Textiles

Designation: Part-time Lecturer
Educational Qualification MSC in Apparel technology and management
Area of Specialization: Apparel and Fashion Design

Department Apparel Design and Fabrication Technology's activities


  • The Department Organizes co-curricular activities from ISTE and IIPC Cell on a regular basis such as Guest Lectures, workshops, seminars, to support the curriculum delivery.
  • Workshop, lectures will  give exposure on current Academic topic & technologies.
  • Extra Activates helps the students to develop in the areas of Life Skills, Interview skills, Communication and Behavior Skills etc.
  • Methodologies include traditional Black Board Teaching, Presentations, and total communication method using sign language.
  • Apart from these special aids like Video Display, self-learning courses, self-learning activities, blended learning and virtual labs are also used.
  • Special skill Oriented programs will be organized by reputed companies for skill development of the students.