Physical Education

Physical education that is adapted to meet the needs of people with disabilities, both for safety and to address a student’s specific physical developmental needs.

Benefits of Physical Education

Specific benefits of physical education, which may be especially essential for disabled students, include:

  1. Building strong bones for lifelong resistance to injury
  2. Building strong muscles to safely support bones and joints
  3. Improving the health and strength of inner organs.
  4. Preventing or reducing health problems
  5. Improving mood and self-esteem
  6. Increasing attention span, problem-solving abilities, and motivation
  7. Providing a sense of accomplishment and confidence
  8. Adopting teamwork and important social skills

The institute has well equipped Gymkhana which provides opportunities for students to involve in physical exercises to maintain physical fitness. The institute has equipped with sports & games  facilities to encourage their physical gaming spirit and also to maintain physical fitness.

Students are encouraged to participate in Inter Polytechnic, District, Zonal, State, National and International level Competitions. They not only compete with Differently Abled Students but also with normal students.

Students are also motivated to practice Yoga on daily basis to maintain mental peace and to concentrate their studies. A fulltime qualified Physical Education Instructor is employed to guide the students in all the physical education activities.  

The following are the indoor & outdoor game activities available in the institute:

  1. Indoor Games :  Shuttle Badminton, Table Tennis.
  2. Board Games :  Carrom, Chess
  3. Outdoor Games : Volleyball, Cricket, Cricket for the Blinds, Football, Throwball

  4. Multigym : Lat Pull Down, Shoulder Press cum Chest Press, Leg Press, Arm Curl, Leg Curl cum Leg Extension, Thread Mill, Abdominal Bench, Dipping Ball, Spin bike, Jump Rope, Bench Press, Triceps Pushdown, Preaching Curls, Seated Cable Rows

Our students have brought several awards / Medals to this institute in sports & games in different competitions held at Taluk, District, State & National level.

Name              :           Mahadevaswamy H N

Designation    :           Sports Instructor

Qualification  :           MPED