Psychology mainly focuses on holistic development of an individual. A psychologist is appointed to counsel the students on hearing their emotional problems, building confidence and also to motivate them to concentrate in their studies, remove their fears, and improve overall personality. Apart from these, the students are also helped to deal with their personal problems which they face in day to day life. These problems can be personal, emotional, social, family, peer, academic, etc. The Counselling Cell encourages the students to understand themselves and the issues that trouble them and guides them to resolve their problems.  Both group and individual counselling are done hand in hand to our students at the college to help them with personality development, career goals, empathy, interpersonal skills, promoting their decision making process, helping the student to understand their own potential and cope effectively with the problems they face. The role of the Counsellor is to offer support through listening and responding in a confidential, non-judgemental and timely way. The faculties here are also trained to assess, diagnose and treat students struggling with academic stress, anxiety, depression, social addictions and other problems they face.


  • To identify the problem areas or difficulties of individuals, their potentialities and limitations
  • To help the students in solving their personal, educational, social as well as psychological problems.
  • To create awareness about issues and problems related to mental health of student
  • To motivate faculty in counselling activities.
  • To help students develop their potentialities through a greater self understanding to enable them to take full advantage of the environmental resources
  • To reach appropriate solutions, take responsible decisions, and enable students to become self-actualized individuals.

Roles and responsibilities:

  • Solve personal problems of student by conducting individual counselling session
  • Diagnose the learning difficulties of students and help them to overcome the same.
  • Help the students to overcome examination stress or fear.
  • Conduct seminars for students on mental health.
  • Inform the parents about misbehaviour of the student.
  • Identify students who require help.
  • Administer, score, and interpret psychological tests.

Counsellors are effective helpers who are able to reach in as well as reach out. Students are helped to work through their problems by developing self-awareness and overcome problems by using new coping strategies. Attempts are made to understand the behaviour without imposing value judgments. The counsellor makes every effort to be intellectually and affectively available to the students throughout the process.