Computer Applications


To provide Quality Education for the Differently Abled in accessible learning environment in the areas of Commerce and Computer Applications to make them fit for employment and to pursue higher education equally with abled persons.


  • Empowering Differently Abled in accessible learning with the latest curriculum focused on Outcome Based Education.
  • Providing technical knowledge and skills to enhance their academic career leading to employment through quality teaching with Innovative & accessible latest software.
  • Enhancing professional and ethical values among Differently Abled by educating them about the society.


About the Department

Diploma in Computer Applications was started during the year 2005-06 exclusively for the Differently Abled students to empower them in job-oriented professional course, to increase their job prospects in the context of globalization and to make them self-reliant and self-competent.  This course imparts training in various subjects like Computer Applications, Commerce, Call Centre Training, Mass Communication and journalism etc., by our dedicated and committed staff.

The Computer Applications Department has been equipped with Special Screen Reading Software which makes computer learning easier.  Assistive devices like tactile graphics (embossed figures) and course materials are provided in Braille to make learning better and easy. 

Eligibility: Candidates who have passed SSLC (Karnataka) or its equivalent and those who are. Visually impaired (partial or total) orthopedically disabled and hearing impaired with minimum disability of 40% are eligible for admission to this course. for admission.

Program Outcomes

Po-1 Basic and Discipline specific knowledge: An ability to apply Commerce, English Language, Office Work Skills for Corporate and Government Sectors towards solving the managerial functions in executing the jobs independently at all levels of management.
Po-2 Problem Analysis: Identify and analyse well-defined Business, Office Management and Secretarial Problems in Corporate and Government Sectors by using Explicit Knowledge methods.
Po-3 Design/ Development of Solutions: Ability to plan and use modern office tools and equipment in managerial and secretarial activities for solving problems with real time examples.
Po -4 Managerial / Secretarial Tools: Apply appropriate office automation tools and techniques in commerce and office management requirements.
Po5- Business and office practices for society, sustainability and environment: Apply Business, Management and Office knowledge in the context of society, sustainability, environment and ethical practices.
Po-6 Project Management: Use Business, Management and Secretarial Principles as a team member, individual, Professional or a leader to manage activities by effective communication.
Po7- Life-long learning: To identify the need of Differently Abled for continuous updating of knowledge and skills relevant society and change in technology.

Program Educational Objectives

PEO -1 To provide necessary skills required for Office Management and become valuable Human Resources
PEO -2 To impart continuous and value based education to enable the students to uphold Professional and Ethical Values.
PEO-3 To provide Differently Abled students with an academic environment   for enhancing their Employability Skills.
PEO-4 To Motivate Differently Abled students to get into Higher Education.

Program Specific Objectives

PSO-1 To enable the Differently Abled, the basic knowledge about computers using special screen reading software.
PSO-2 To strengthen verbal ability, Spoken and Written English, including the essentials of English Grammar and Usage
PSO-3 To replace the age-old “Scribe” system with the computer-based-test (CBT) for Internal and Technical Board Examinations

Course Outcome: The candidates who have secured this diploma can be placed in private / government organization, business / commercial / industrial establishments as Computer Operators, Administrative assistants, Tele Callers, Call Center personnel, Typists and Receptionists, Customer Care Representatives, etc. Students can also opt for higher education in B.Com / BBM degree offered by recognized universities.

Computer Applications Lab has been equipped with latest technology such as Job-Access-with-speech (JAWS) and Non Visual Desktop Access (NVDA) is a special screen reading software which enables the visually impaired students to read the contents on the computer screen. Electronic Tactile Graphics maker duplicates figures/illustrations in embossed form and enables the visually impaired to touch, feel and visualize illustrations. Braille Printers which supports for the conversion of text material into Braille. NUDI software is used for Kannada computer typing, The Computer Lab is equipped with the latest computer system with Internet Facilities. Spacious, well furnished classrooms are provided for the visually impaired students to make them comfortable in learning.  The Department is strengthened by well qualified and committed faculty members.

The Computer  Labs are being taught to make the student to understand the concepts of Computer such as Basics of Computer, MS-Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and Internet, Networking and Troubleshooting, JAWS Configuration and NVDA Installation etc., It helps Differently Abled  students to improve their self confidence in gaining more job opportunities in computer field.

Facilities:  Computer Lab

Computer labs have been setup with one to one facility equipped with latest Desktop computers  (Dell Systems with Core  i5  4GB RAM  1TB HDD, preloaded Windows 10), The entire computer Lab is provided with Internet Facility and WiFi. Surveillance cameras are installed in the lab.

Software:  Campus is covered under Microsoft License Agreement. 
                  System Software: Windows 10 
                  Application Software: MS Office, JAWS, NVDA

This lab is being used to train the students of this department in the following subjects:

  • Computer Applications in Office-I & II
  • English Computer Typing (Speed 25WPM, 35 WPM, 40 WPM) 
  • Communication Skills in English Lab 
  • Networking and Trouble Shooting Lab
  • Internship
  • Tally
  • Project Work
  • Placement Activities like On - Line Tests and Interviews etc.,
  • Guest Lectures and Workshops.

Course Contents:  The department is regularly revising the syllabus since 2005-06 to suit the needs of the industries demand. The present curriculum (course code: 64) is revised in the year 2021-22. 

Designation: Programme Coordinator
Educational Qualification
Area of Specialization: Management Accounting

Designation: Lecturer
Educational Qualification M.A
Area of Specialization: English

Designation: Lecturer
Educational Qualification
Area of Specialization: Finance

Designation: Lecturer
Educational Qualification B E
Area of Specialization: INFORMATION SCIENCE

Designation: Instructor
Educational Qualification Diploma in CP
Area of Specialization: Computer Typing & Basics of Computer

Department Computer Applications's activities

Activities: ​There is a continuous interaction is build with industries with preparing projects & industrial visits. Guest lectures are also organized by ISTE and IIPC, on a regular basis in emerging technologies, experts from industries and institutions

Some Major Events of Our Departments

  • On 21-04-2023 An Industrial visit Was made to  M/s Vindya  e-Infomedia Pvt. Ltd., Samrat and Gagana Complex, Udayaravi Road, Block K, Kuvempunagara, Mysuru- 570023 through IIPC Cell
  • On 16-05-2023 M/s Vindya E-Infomedia Pvt Ltd,,Mysuru had conducted Job Interview  to our Final year Students( 24 Students ) and  out of 14 Students got Selected in this interview.
  • On 26-05-2023 Curriculum revision committee meeting of V & VI semester at the EAM Conference Hall, JSS PDA. Mysuru
  • On  24-07-2023 to 05-08-2023, Induction Program Was Held  for First year students for the academic year (2023-24) was Organized in the department
  • On 01-08-2023 Boot camp – Was Conducted for Selection of pathway courses for fifth in the department.
  • On 13-10-2023 An Industrial visit Was made to  M/s IT Champs Pvt. Ltd., No.219/1, Near Infosys, Hebbal Indu strial  Area, Belavadi, Near Infosys, Mysuru through IIP Cell
  • On 02-11-2023 a guest lecture was organized on the topic on Importance of Effective communication from ISTE Student Chapter.
  • On 19-10-2023  A guest lecture was organized on the topic on  New Technology in Current Media  from IIP Cell